Next Step For Same-sex Marriage: The Right To Divorce

‘We are soul mates and we are life partners. Were just not meant to be married to each other.’ Beverley Knott, 38, and Lee Stevens, 41, who have divorced twice and are now back together, say the secret to their happy relationship is to remain unmarried this time Ms Knott and Mr Stevens became a couple [read] in 1998 after being introduced by friends. Lucky boyos: 32-yr-olds called Jack from Wales have the most sex in the whole of the UK Ms Knott said married life soon brought unbearable pressures.
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Mississippi has no obligation to give effect to California laws that are contrary to Mississippi’s expressly stated public policy, the motion argues. That legitimate policy choice precludes recognition of other States’ same sex marriages for any reason, including granting a divorce. Legal experts say getting Mississippi to recognize the marriage for any purpose is a longshot. Lawmakers amended state law in 1997 to say any same-sex marriage is prohibited and null and void from the beginning. Any marriage between persons of the same gender that is valid in another jurisdiction does not constitute a legal or valid marriage in Mississippi. In 2004, 86 percent of Mississippi voters approved an amendment placing a ban on same-sex marriage in the state constitution.
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More couples sign up for Tavares domestic-partner registry

The registry grants gay and straight couples who are not married certain legal rights, including visiting a partner in the hospital and the ability to make health-care decisions for each other. It also grants registered partners rights to make decisions about funerals and burials for a deceased partner. Tavares is the only Lake County city with a domestic partner registry, and among 11 municipalities in Florida. In Central Florida, Orange and Volusia also have registries.
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